Students Code of Conduct

What is Expected of J.M.S. Students

  • They should take good care of their health.
  • They should always try to maintain a friendly atmosphere. They should not discriminate against any fellow human on the basis of caste, creed, colour, religion or gender.
  • They should be fair in sports as well as in studies.
  • They should rise when a teacher or any visitor enters the class.
  • They must wish a teacher or elder visitor when they see him/her in the School Campus.
  • They should take good care of the School Uniform. They should take pride in wearing the School Uniform. The School Uniform should be worn on all School days and functions.
  • Children without proper uniform will be fined and sent home in which case the School disclaims all responsibility.
  • In case of absence of any teacher, the monitor assumes responsibilities for order and discipline in the classroom. Students should maintain silence so that the other classes are not disturbed.
  • The students are expected to take good care of their belongings. In case of loss/damage, the School disclaims all responsibility.
  • The student are expected not to wear any ornament or jewellery. They are advised not to bring too much money or valuables to School. Students should put their names on every article to avoid loss.
  • Any damage done by the pupil to the school property will be compensated for by the parents.
  • The students should maintain general cleanliness and help authorities in enhancing the beauty of the School Campus.
  • All students are expected to converse in English within and outside the campus.