Fee Structure

Mode of Payment Fee

  • All tuition fees are payable from Ist to 10th of every month between 8.30 to 11 am at the Bank specified.
  • Fine will be charged in case the fees are not paid by 10th of the month.
  • After the end of the month, in case the fees are not remitted, the name of the pupil will be stuck of the school rolls, and the student will be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal on payment of all the arrears, an a fresh admission fee.
  • No fee will be accepted by the office on 11th if 10th falls on holiday/Sunday.
  • Payments after the 10th will be accepted by the Bank with fine/re-admission charges.
  • Security money is refundable in full only after full settlement of all dues.
  • Fee Card, Pass Book must accompany fee deposit.

Refund of Security Deposit

The deposit of Security Money will be refunded only if the student leaves the School after the completion of the session. Refund will only be made if adequate notice, i.e. one month in advance, is given (in the month of February). The deposit of security money will be refunded in August after the withdrawal of the child, provided all dues of the child are cleared, in cash, at the time of withdrawal. Security money will be refunded only when the security receipt and photocopy of T.C. (JMS) is produced and the parents will have no claim for refund after three years have elapsed, after withdrawal.

(Disputes arising, if any, with regard to provisions of this Prospectus shall be subject to courts of Dehra Dun jurisdiction only)